Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home alone

I just took Kristi to the airport. It was a sad moment watching her go through passport control. It was sad for several reasons. There was a huge line. I suddenly had a panic attack: 'What am I going to fix for dinner?' But mostly it was sad because she will be gone for 3 weeks. She is headed to Denver to see her mother, aunt and grandmother and to help Matt get settled into Wheaton. The trip should be great for her. I'm glad she is able to go. We talked last night about how this is the first time where she has been gone this long and I'm the one home with the kids. I mentioned that this is a good point for some change in our lives. Three weeks is a good amount of time to create some new habits. You can follow our adventure over the next few weeks here. I'll try to keep you updated, share some things we are doing, and let you know if I need any ideas for dinner.

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