Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where did the time go?

Whoa, it's already September. I was working so hard to survive until Kristi got back and then everything was a whirlwind. Well, since you didn't see anything here you might assume that she made it back alright and you would be right. Bethany took me on a shopping spree to make sure everything was in the house when Kristi got back. Not too much more irritating than jet lagging with no food in the house. I even fixed the first few meals when she got back. (Here is where you reply with comments on how good a husband I am.)
Well, what has been happening since Kristi's return? We had about one week together and then I took off for Lisbon, Portugal. (That's in Europe in case you were wondering.) The team there is just coming together and I was there to help them create their ministry plan for the coming year. The first time the whole team sat down together was at dinner the first evening of our planning time. I really enjoy facilitating these kinds of things for teams. They are a great team (diversity of personalities, experiences, ages, and roles/gifting), they get along well together and I think that God will do some great stuff there in and through them.

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Doug said...

Sounds like you are back to somewhat normal, no more cooking, I'll bet the kids are glad (just kidding). Our grandkids are all back in school except the 4 year old. We're back to regular schedule at church. Raining here and cold. Fall is in the air. Bye for now,