Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A New Role

When we moved from Poland to Hungary back in 2004, it was because of a role for which we thought I was well suited. In the middle of that move there were a lot of changes in the mission and the circumstances. In the end I ended up filling a spot that was needed, but not my strongest suit. Ideas, coaching and 'woo' will only take you so far in a managerial relationship. I think I found the edge of my capabilities in a more administrative role, the very ragged edge. So in the interest of serving everyone around me better and my own well being, I asked for a role change. After we talked a lot and prayed a lot we decided that we understood the direction God wanted us to go. I'm happy about the change. Here is the official blurb:

Develop. Empower. Release.
Committed to this ReachGlobal vision, the Europe Area Leadership is regularly asking the question, how can we do this more effectively in Europe?
After much discussion and prayer, the leadership team has determined some organizational changes to purposefully impact ReachGlobal ministry in Europe. Aligned with the Sandbox and its strategic focus to develop, empower and release RG staff and national leaders, these changes aim to move our teams forward in building strategic relationships.

Motivation for leadership changes is as follows:

  • Further development of Church-Based Training (CBT) materials to meet the needs of Europeans and that are contextualized for ministry in Europe
  • Strategic development of relationships in Europe, including but not limited to Albania, Moldova and Slovakia.
  • The strategic needs of ReachGlobal in Europe, including the development of partnerships and tools to help develop, empower and release national workers
  • Gifting of Area Leaders, established relationships (within the mission and nationally), and the stages of City Team development
    Note: Pure geographic boundaries were not the primary motivating factor.

We're excited to announce the following changes to our leadership staff in Europe . . .
Mike Edwards brings rich experiences as a pastor in the local church prior to his move to Germany. He has developed close relationships with national German pastors, and acts as a catalyst for partnerships and service alongside ministries in Germany, Austria and Poland. The close ministry relationships and heart between the Free Churches of Germany and Austria will be drawn on to develop even closer and more effective working relationships. Consideration for future ministry expansion includes Berlin and the reopening/development of relationships in Vienna. Debby and Mike Edwards live in Berlin, Germany.
Mike's responsibilities include: oversight to City Teams and ministries in Austria, Poland and Germany (Berlin and former region of Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR)).

Todd Hiltibran offers experience, gifts, vision and passion that are important in seeing CBT and key national relationships developed, critical for the future ministries of the national church and ReachGlobal. This represents a significant commitment on behalf of area leadership to see these areas expanded and developed. In order to be most effective, this requires Todd's focus on these new responsibilities and long-standing strategies. Kristi and Todd Hiltibran live in Budapest, Hungary.
Todd's responsibilities include: Church-Based Training expansion; ministry relationship development in Slovakia, Moldova, Albania/Kosovo and other partnering fields where we are currently unstaffed by ReachGlobal.

Dale Phillips is transitioning in the coming months to lead the Europe Area Service Team (late 2007 to early 2008). Dale brings valuable experience in staff training and development with the airline industry and Food for the Hungry to aid our staff here in Europe. His new role includes leading and serving with the Europe area office staff, area recruitment, and the development and training aspects in Europe. As he works with Gary and Sandy Wittevrongel (serving as team coaches for Europe), Dale will also oversee the Mostar City Team as Area Leader. Carmen and Dale Phillips will live in Budapest, Hungary.
Dale's responsibilities include: Leadership for Europe Area Service Team, RG Europe events, ENGAGE/ EQUIP/ ENHANCE for Europe; Mostar City Team.

John Westrum will continue to serve as Area Leader for the City Teams in the Czech Republic and Germany (Kandern and Duisburg). In addition, he will be area leader for Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Budapest, Hungary. Though Todd and Jana Patterson (Slovakia) are currently on educational leave, they will report organizationally to John. Judy and John Westrum will continue to live in Prague, Czech Republic.
John's responsibilities include: Area Leader for City Teams in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. Additionally, John is leading efforts in Europe in the area of Crisis Management and maximizing women's ministry.

As the Europe Leadership team, it is our continued desire to serve you. We believe that the above changes will move us closer to accomplishing the Key Result Areas (KRA) that are consistent with our Guiding Principles and mission in Europe to multiply healthy churches among all people. Please pray with us over these changes and the future toward which we trust God is moving this ministry.

For God's glory and our joy,
The Europe Leadership Team

These changes are effective October 1, 2008.

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