Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Carnage Report

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Well, the past couple of weeks have worked out nicely. The Buckeyes are doing well. Other teams ahead of them in the BCS poll have not. We had a little American Thanksgiving party with the Budapest city team on Thursday. Friday, Nate & John didn't go to Hungarian school and I stayed around the house. Friday night I got to watch the Arkansas-LSU game on TVU Player over the internet. That was a nice treat. The Thanksgiving weekend is a particularly nice weekend for the average American guy. I mention that, because Saturday I was able to watch the Tennessee-Kentucky game. Wow, a total of 7 college overtimes in two games is a lot for a guy who doesn't get to see a lot of games.
Well, it was a nice break. Now I'm back to preparation for the ReachGlobal Europe Conference in January and figuring out the best way to help develop the next generation of local church leaders in Budapest and a couple other places around Europe.

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