Friday, November 16, 2007

What to watch

Okay, I swiped this off of another blog, but it works and I'm glad they did the hard work so we can still hope. =]

OK, Ohio State, No. 7 in the BCS, needs to beat Michigan on Saturday, and have five teams ahead of them in the standings lose in order to make it back to the national-title game.

Here's a day-by-day look at what Ohio State fans should cheer for:

THURSDAY (11-15): Arizona to beat No. 2 Oregon. One down, four to go.

SATURDAY (11-17): No. 6 West Virginia to lose at Cincinnati. Two down, three to go.

SATURDAY, 11-24: No. 5 Missouri to win at No. 3 Kansas. Three down, two to go.

SATURDAY, 12-1: No. 1 Louisiana State to lose in the SEC title game, likely to Georgia. This takes care of it, because Missouri and Oklahoma will play in the Big 12 title game, so there's the other loss OSU needs.

All of that would likely put Ohio State in the title game against either Missouri or Oklahoma.

If Oregon gets by Arizona, it plays UCLA at home and then hosts archrival Oregon State. I considered this week's game at Arizona on national TV to beat the best chance for an upset, but the Beavers could also pull it off.

If West Virginia beats UC, the Mountaineers aren't completely home free. They face a decent two-loss UConn team, then Pitt.

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