Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First night

We had a pretty good time together the first night. We went to the main square in Prague for dinner. Don R showed up like everyone else, pretty tired. He said he was on a plane each of the previous four days! I feel like I'm still 'recovering' from our conference at the begining of January. From Thanksgiving until January 3, my life was mainly about preparing for the conference. From January 3 through 8 it was about making sure that everyone had a good conference. Since then it has been about trying to clean up from conference and getting back to real life. I wasn't doing conference all by myself. Robyn Smith and Norm Smith were my team mates in the whole thing, and lots of people showed up when we needed them (Humphrys, Lemmons, Ken Warwick was great, and Lisa Theuer was awesome, I'm missing a few here I'm sure).
I'm hoping that these meetings will help 'turn a corner' for me in my focus.
Don doesn't come off as big and mean in real life as he might look in this picture. But, I definitely felt safe in the subway of Prague with Don there. Today we are headed out to do some ministry together. Don went with one group to work at a Roma church plant and I'll be going with the other guys to a church plant here in Prague.
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Anonymous said...

This put a smile on my face! Does Don know you are posting pictures of him :)
Praying for endurance for you all as the week wears on!!

Todd said...

Thanks for your prayers! Don knows about the picture, but I don't think he's too happy that it is that particular picture. =]