Friday, March 07, 2008


We are proud of our kids. We're really happy that God gave them to us and that we get to see all the wonderful things He does in their lives. One recent event is that Tim is receiving a ROTC scholarship to Wheaton! A four year scholarship and some time alone with my second son were two of the driving forces as I was driving. It turns out that part of qualifying for the scholarship is passing a physical. This physical is no ordinary, 'any-doctor-in-Budapest-can-do-it' physical. We tried here in Budapest, but it turned out that our only real option for getting this done was at the largest US Military hospital in Europe, in Landstuhl, Germany. Monday was spent getting into the computer system so we could get the physical done. Many thanks to the men at the US Embassy in Budapest for their efforts to figure out how to fit us in. Tuesday was an early morning (4AM which is painful if you aren't going fishing or hunting) and a long drive (10 hours). Once we arrived on site we came under the care of SSG Gould who went out of his way to help us get this physical accomplished. We were billeted on the base in the hotel the Air Force runs there. The following morning was a lot of waiting and a little poking and prodding until all was accomplished. We drove off the base 24 hours after arriving with all the paperwork complete, thanks to SSG Gould. It must be down hill (or maybe we didn't get lost) coming back, because it was only 9 ½ hours coming back. Mission accomplished!
Thirty six hours after returning, I'm leaving again. This time I head to Moldova to meet with the leadership of the Resurrection Church. I met the pastor, Eugene for the first time about 3 years ago when he came to Budapest. Since then, I met he and his wife once in Romania at a conference. This will be my opportunity to meet them on their turf and to learn as much as I can about the church there.
I'm anxious to get back to Budapest as soon as possible, because someone else will be doing some traveling as well. Matt, our oldest son will be coming home for Spring Break! This was a bit of a last minute surprise, so I'm going to be gone when he arrives on Saturday. We are excited to see Matt, so I'm sure the week is going to go quickly. Pray for us, that we'd make the most of the time with him. You can join me in thanking our Father for the safety in the travels to this point and asking Him to continue to keep us safe, so that the mission would be accomplished.
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