Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That's cool

Matt Brandt dislocated my shoulder. Back in high school. At least I'm pretty sure it was him. Could have been during a football game, but I think Matt did it one night at wrestling practice. The doctor looked at the MRI images today and said my shoulder looked like I was about 45 and played sports in high school. Nothing new in there other than normal wear from playing with the kids. So I guess I didn't dislocate my shoulder coming out of the tree. I only tore my bicep between the muscle and the tendon, but not completely. The shoulder guy did give me a shot of cortisone to help with the inflammation. He said it might help for a few weeks or forever. I'm hoping it works all the way home. I already changed my ticket so I'm headed out tomorrow. It will be nice to get back home. Thanks for your prayers and phone calls. Thanks again Tutu for the ticket. Thanks Mom & Dad for the food, the bed, the everyday trips to Columbus, and for helping me change the ticket going back.
I actually did get some work done while I was here, but I'll tell you about that in another post.

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