Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will Europe be Changed?

I'm not sure what the total impact of this conference will be, but I do believe that it can make a significant mark on the landscape of Europe. The men and women attending this event have been encouraged from God's Word, they have had opportunity to examine Mission, multiplication, the role of church planters, the character of churches which multiply, structures which encourage multiplication, and the role of lay ministry in it all. We have had time to interact with others in similar ministry. What will our Father make of all this? I don't know. I do know that He has used this event to challenge some of our thinking, to encourage risk for the sake of the Gospel, and to make some networking connections which might someday bear significant fruit for the Kingdom. Thanks for praying for us as we met. Please continue to pray that God would build His Church through this group of servants.

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emily said...

Someday, I really want the youth missions coordinator from my church at home and you to meet. For leader applications for short term missions trips, he had us write an essay answering the question, "How will the world look different in 5000 years because of this trip?".

All the stuff that happened at the conference sounds awesome, and who knows what ripples happened??

And you guys were obedient and that always has fruit :-)

so... there's emily's thought for the day.

emily said...

omigosh! and he totally reads tall skinny kiwi too! see, you're so destined to be friends.