Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you ever GYAK?

I'm not sure what image that word, GYAK, evokes in your mind, but if you happen to be Hungarian, it's short for practical training. It's also the name we've given the church-based training at Kelenfold Evangelical Church (KEGy). You can always count on Hungarian for some good acronyms.

The training is starting this week, so I thought that I would blog each issue we discuss in our small group.

The issue this week was 'The Essence of Leadership.' There are about 25 people involved in the group, both men and women, from their twenties up into (I'd guess) their sixties. All the feedback I have heard so far is excitement about how much they love the format and the content of the material. That's exiting!

We looked at Isaiah 42:1-4 and Mark 10:35-45 for our discussion. I was impressed by the emphasis on pursuing justice as an aspect of Christian leadership. One of the guys in our group brought out the gentleness of 'not quenching the dimly burning wick.' Part of our preparation for the discussion was to write down three acts of genuine service we will do this week. We shared those, so next week we'll report back on how that went. As we wrapped things up, we answered the question: What do you sense God leading you to do in response to what you have learned about the essence of Christian leadership? We shared those answers, too. I like this part of the material. It makes it more than a study. We have to respond to what our Father teaches us and these other men I'm meeting with are an encouragement as we pursue godly character together.

We're doing our group in English, but there are four other groups in Hungarian. Translating the material isn't free, so if you'd like to help with the translation into Hungarian or Slovakian, drop me a note.

There are about 100 people in our meetings on Sunday and 25 are involved in this. I think it might have a significant impact on this church and the rest of the churches in the Hungarian Evangelical Church. Please pray for us.

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