Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mission Force

Latin America, Africa and Asia are sending as many missionaries as Europe and North America. We are at the point where those three continents are passing the West in numbers of missionaries being sent out.

There has been a dramatic spike in missionaries sent out since 1990. Mongolia is the most effecient missionary sending church (222 believers to 1 missionary).

I should have tried this live blogging with a slow speaking German. This is a lot of work.

The local church is at the center of the mission process. However, many local churches don't have a biblical understanding of their role.

They were able to create National Mission Movements to help coordinate the recruitment, training and placement of missionaries from each Latin American country.

This helped coordinate the receiving of missionaries in various countries around the world as well.

It is necessary to define what we mean by the word 'resources.' Actually, a lot of terminology needs to be defined in these types of relationships.

National movements create opportunity for cooperation on training.

Giving my fingers a rest for a minute.

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