Sunday, February 21, 2010

ICSB Basketball Tournament

This event is arguably the highpoint of the year for the school. None of my kids have ever been involved (other than Jonathan Edwards), but I will do everything I can to be there each year. I am impressed each year with the solid character of many of the players involved. 'Potential' is the word that keeps ringing in my head as I'm watching these young men and women play from their hearts.

Here is Matt Jackson's write up of the final game from his Facebook page (he's Ben Jackson's dad, one of those 'solid character players' I mentioned earlier). I can't relate it any better:

The Intl Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) boys won their invitational tournament, which is their championship, tonight at their home court, beating teams from Budapest (AISB), Kiev and St. Petersburg, Russia. In the past few years an intense rivalries has developed between ICSB and Kiev as well as with their cross town rival AISB.

Just yesterday the Kiev team beat our boys in the seeding round of the tournament by nearly 20 points. ICSB boys knew they were off their game but not sure if that alone accounted for the 20 pts. Kiev's 4 starting seniors put together a team seemingly invincible. Tonight's game was looming large.

Winning the opening tip, the ICSB boys came out strong and opened up a quick lead. ICSB's 6' 5" Andrew Neel and 6' 3" Jacob Mullett from the base line were UNSTOPPABLE. Kiev's star player #50 Matthew Atkins went down early with a knee injury and did not play the rest of the game.

ICSB was up at half time. Kiev showed life in the 2nd half but due to some great hustle and defense, especially by Jake Sanders, the Kiev Eagles stayed grounded.

Ben led the game in assists and boards but was nearly shut down in his offensive scoring. Still, his play was vital to the team's win. Ben and teammate Andrew Neel both took spots on the all-tourney team.

The celebrations were long, hard and loud as the ICSB student body, players and fans rushed the court as the clock ticked to zero. Spontaneous dancing, ear-splitting cheering students celebrating and parents crying all rocked the gym on Ifusag street in Diosd, Hungary. Wow! What a win! What a celebration! No USA state championship could muster the kind of energy we felt in that gym tonight!

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