Sunday, March 21, 2010

The button I was looking at

I don't know about you, but 11 hours on a plane doesn't go that fast for me in an economy seat. Once I got bumped to a business seat (not business class, just the seat), and that ride was pretty sweet. To make matters worse, there was this button on the back of the seat ahead of me. For 11 hours I thought it said 'Don't Pull.' Kristi would have been able to read it and comply without a problem. I struggled with this thing the whole ride. Finally, as we were getting off the plane, I looked at it more closely with my reading glasses on. Stupid thing says 'Coat Pull.' I'm playing with it the whole ride next time.

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Robyn Smith said...

This entry rocks! What I don't understand is how you actually abided by the "don't pull" label for 11 whole hours! Buy some more Walmart spectacles while you're stateside, k?

Glad you're taking us on the promo tour journey...REALLY glad it involves another trip to CA for my wedding!