Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LeadTeam Report

LeadTeam was pretty good. Ok, I think it was the best so far. We had a great start with the Quiet Waters Retreat where we spent the day in fasting and prayer. We got a significant amount of time with our leadership where they were transparent in sharing their heart for the vision to which God is calling us.

I have a few questions that I'm planning on reviewing regularly:

  • Am I thinking too small?
  • Am I underestimating the power of the Gospel?
  • Am I underestimating God's power within me?
  • Am I thinking too narrowly?
  • Am I working too independently of others?
Here is how I'll be describing RG when I'm meeting with partners in the US & Europe:

We are a Gospel-centered movement

transforming lives, communities and institutions world wide

in the power of God's Spirit

I'm excited about where RG is going.

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