Saturday, March 13, 2010


The past 10 days have been great. We had our City Team Leader Forum followed by our Church Planting Institute. The location was an airport hotel in Amsterdam, which was my home for 10 days. I love being with the other Area Leaders for Europe, and our City Team Leaders; these men and women are godly, encouraging people. Our partners from around Europe bring inspiring vision and stories where we can see God at work. I will admit that it was nice having someone clean my room every day, but I missed Kristi and the kids terribly.
I'm still enjoying the afterglow from the events and I've got some work to do this week from all the conversations (James Lauderdale did a great job with some video interviews with some of our partners), but I only have a week. Yeah, I leave next Saturday for 7 weeks in the US by myself. I'll be writing a bit more about what that time will be like and I hope to blog the whole thing during my trip. Until then, I'm going to go play some basketball in the driveway with John...

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