Monday, November 22, 2010


One thing that I really enjoy is spending time with my kids. Only half 100_0159of their number live with us anymore. It was fun to spend some time with Matt in DC and Tim & Beth in Wheaton.uniforms

I’m hopelessly proud of my kids. It’s fun to be with them, I admire their spiritual maturity, and I love the people they are becoming. More than once I’ve had the thought, “Wow, I want to be more like him/her.”

Each one is different, so even with only three of them at home it’s never boring.100_0408 This weekend has been full.

Nate was in the ICSB Middle school production of Aladdin.

John had a couple basketball games.

John making magic


Katie had her birthday party (a murder mystery that I got to host).

Today is the beginning of basketball season at ICSB, so we’re becoming a basketball family for the next few months.

Thanks, God, for such great kids.

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Emily said...

This made me smile :-).

I really like your kids too.

And their parents.