Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Learning about New Life


Today James and I were with the staff from New Life Church all day. It was a very good day. We shared blessings and needs then spent time praising our Father and asking Him for help. James sat in on their staff meeting while I met with the pastor of Tomaskyrkan, another Evangelical Free Church of Sweden (EFK) partnering with New Life. I think we both learned a lot today about Stockholm, these churches, and what partnering with them might look like.

Here are some things we learned:

Tomaskyrkan and New Life are working hard to connect artists with the Gospel through Synergy.

New Life wants to be a part of starting 20 new churches in Stockholm by 2020. (Stockholm 2020 is aiming for 50)

About 1% of youth in Sweden have any contact with a church or youth group.

God is working here.

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