Friday, December 02, 2011

The Week in Review 2 Dec 2011

Wow, this was one of those weeks where you feel like you got stuff done, but you're still wondering if it was the right stuff.

This week I'm still facilitating the online course for EQUIP, 'Intentional Living.' This is a really good group of students, so it's not a lot of work to help them interact with the material. We're in the third week of the course, so we've tackled 'Guarding Your Heart,' 'Ministering from Your Strengths,' and this week is 'Figure out the Big Rocks.' Next week will be the final week where we 'Connect the Compass to the Clock' and develop a rhythm for living an intentional life. One reason I enjoy facilitating this class is that it is an opportunity for me to reassess how I'm doing in these areas.

There were a couple of coaching calls this week, one in person and one online. Those are exciting times where I get to hear what God is doing in lives and how He is building His Church. Aside from the call where I get trained, I met with my 'peer coach' to begin our next module on Life Coaching and I met with a church planter who said, 'You'll probably be frustrated with me, I have not been very coachable in the past.' I wonder if he knows that I'm challenge motivated.

I was able to help with the ICSB middle school boys basketball team this week. Bill Babione asked me to fill in for him while he was gone, so I helped Ellis Vaughan and his son Samuel ride herd on 18 young men. Two of them happened to be Nate & John, which was nice. Nate touched the rim for the first time yesterday, so he was hopping around the gym making sure all the rims were the same height or something. =) It sure is fun watching your kids grow up.

Next week is looking busy with lots of reading/prep, coaching calls and training, plus two meetings for the Danube International Church elders (I'm one of them) where we're going to work on vision and direction for the church. Please ask that I'd be a diligent worker in the Lord's Harvest through the coming week.

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