Saturday, October 27, 2012

Like a Good Neighbor

Last weekend we were digging a stump in the back yard. It was pretty hard work since the tree had been fairly large. We chopped and dug and chopped most of the day. As we were getting down to the end of the day (and our energy) I decided that we were probably to the point where we could start a fire under the stump and just burn it out. I was going to be grilling for dinner anyhow, so half the charcoal went in the hole under the stump. I soaked it in starter fluid while I was grilling the meat. After a bit I went back and threw in a match. It started nicely and I was thinking that it would be a nice evening by a fire in a hole.
Fifteen minutes later I wandered back around to check on the fire and saw that it was out. had such a good start. Wow, the charcoal didn't even burn. Why is everything wet? Oh, I see. Apparently, my neighbor decided it wasn't a good idea for me to burn the stump.

It took me a while to cool off. I'm still looking for an opportunity to (with a Hungarian speaker) find out the issues are for my neighbor. Lord, help me be a good neighbor!

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Ps who is that tall boy digging out the stump?!