Thursday, August 03, 2006

We survived day one!

Bethany stayed at a friends house last night, so there were only 5 of us. I think Katie felt a bit outnumbered. I grilled out (note to self: you are only feeding 5 not 8 so you can fix less food) and we have plenty of leftovers for a couple more meals. I stocked up on frozen veggies, we have plenty of rice and potatoes (bunch of leftover baked ones) so I think we are set for food. We watched the second Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers extended version. That thing is like 4 hours long! I guess everyone slept in, because when I stopped by the house today after a meeting to see if everyone was alright they looked like they had just gotten up. Katie was still in bed reading. I need to figure out how to motivate everyone to get up and around when I'm not there. It looks like Kristi landed in Denver at 4:15 yesterday, so I assume she's doing fine. I haven't heard yet, but the kids might have talked to here at home.

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Kim Winship said...

Yeah! Sounds like a typical day with Dad in charge!! Way to go Todd!! You can cook just about anything on the grill....of course the old standbys...hamburgers, hot dogs. But don't forget things like pork chops,bbq chicken,and our favorite...steak!! Corn on the cob is great too!! Praying for you all!!