Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday is here!

Last night was stir fried chicken with frozen Thai veggies. Plenty of leftovers again. I think today is a leftover day. We have some casserole, grilled meat, baked potatoes, and the stir fried stuff, so we should survive. First scheduling snafu: I thought I was taking Bethany to Slovakia Saturday, but she let me know that it will be Sunday. Oops! Tim was supposed to play in the worship team Sunday, no wait, he is supposed to stay home to watch the little ones. Well, it's only a small one and we caught it before it did too much damage. Now we have all day Saturday to work around the house (trim hedge, cover cables & holes in the walls, fix screens, stuff like that).
Today, I'm going to be sending some more letters to people telling them about what we are doing and asking them to support us. We have a church in the Cincinnati area going through some hard times, so their $750/month is in doubt. I feel bad for the church. They have been without a pastor for a while and been doing well, but lately they haven't been making their budget and they are finally down to cutting support to their missionaries.
I will also be filling out the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities autobiographical form (22 pages). The IM is working to help us operate in areas of our strengths, so I get to fill this out and be assessed. Should be interesting. I will also be doing some work on 'Teaching Online 101' which is the on-line course I'm helping beta test with the IM.
Whoa, leftovers free up a lot of time.

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