Monday, August 07, 2006

A nice weekend, I think

Well, we survived the first weekend alone. Saturday we slept in a bit, and then worked hard all afternoon. Kristi, if you are reading this, you were right. The hedge would look pretty sickly if you cut it back as far as I wanted to. I'm sure it will look better in two weeks. (another note to self: the hedgetrimmers will cut through the extention cord) I hung a mirror, no breaks and a nice neat hole in the wall with the hammer drill. This week we will make a few more improvements around the house.
Yesterday, I drove Bethany to Zilina, Slovakia to drop her off with Jennie Anderson. The Anderson clan will arrive here with Bethany on Saturday. If you ever get the opportunity to drive 4 hours each way to drop someone off in Slovakia, well, look at your daughter and tell her you love her.
Small menu snafu. I forgot about not having any leftovers for the rest of the kids on Sunday. They found enough leftover pizza and stuff to survive. Today I have a meeting and won't be back until afternoon, so Tim has money and Katie has the words to walk down the street to the store and get cheese & lunch meat.
Oh, I decided to work on resurrecting my habit of a morning walk. This morning I walked about 50 minutes.


Kim Winship said...

Todd you make me laugh!! Hang in there....your doing good!!! We just drove daughter #2 12 hours one way...TWICE to a worship dance camp. The things we do for our kids!!

Kim Winship said...

How's Kristi's trip going? Is she getting Matt settled in? Wheaton is a great school,atmosphere, and campus. He'll love it!!!