Friday, August 11, 2006

Where did this week go?

Wow! It was Monday like a minute ago. Now it's Friday night. Chili. Tim asked for it or I wouldn't have thought of it. It was a good change and a nice compromise. I fry everything and the kids wanted some 'unfried' meals. I also figured out that, just like you shouldn't shop while you are hungry, I shouldn't cook when I'm hungry. I make way too much and and then I eat it all. I have lost a little weight since Kristi has been gone. One good habit I've developed is walking a couple of miles each morning.
Beth gets back tomorrow. The Andersons are bringing her and staying until Tuesday morning. That should be fun. I like hanging around with Scott & Jan. Plus they will probably come up with some other ideas for meals.
Remind me if I let this go for a whole week without writing something.
Oh, almost forgot. Kristi is doing well and Matt is doing great. He is being spoiled by four ladies who want to do everything in their power to spoil him. They are in Denver right now, but they leave for Chicago on the 16th.
This reminds me of Nate and John.

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