Wednesday, December 27, 2006


These are those ‘tweener’ days between Christmas and New Years. You don’t want to do much, but play with your new toys, hang out with some people you might not see too often, and watch some bowl games. Unless you have a conference coming up. I don’t have to do much for the conference: host one day, lead a forum on church based leadership training, meet with some different people, but it does mean some preparation. Matt has been here for a couple of weeks. It’s good to have him here, makes things seem a bit more normal. We need to get some more time together. It’s different talking to him now and I really like who he is becoming. Today I tried to help Robyn with her ADSL connection. We can’t seem to get that thing working and the guys at T-Online tech support apparently aren’t working today. I need to get this blog dressed up a bit, anyone got any ideas? There is still plenty of email to get caught up on, so I’d better get to it so I can get back to playing with my new toys.

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