Monday, April 16, 2007

Joining Hands For Missions in Europe

Our German partners are hosting a very important meeting for Free Church missions in Europe. I'm headed there with Rick Burke and Mike Davis for a week of getting our heads together on how to do this better.

Joining hands for missions in Europe
Vision: We see a vital church planting movement of FEC in Europe


  1. To join hands for missions in Europe
  2. To have a common vision for church-planting in Europe
  3. To establish a common basic European strategy for EFC Federations and Missions
  4. To mobilize all EFC-Churches and Federations for a missions engagement in Europe
  5. To have in all European countries EFC-Federations as partners for missions.
  6. To have in every European country a EFC Federation with a church planting strategy for his own country.
  7. To have for every 100 000 people 1 local EFC church

I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, so I'll try to keep you updated here as we move through the week.

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