Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in Budapest

What happened to the summer? I landed in Chicago, bought a 12 pack of Twinkies and the next thing you know it's the middle of October and I'm back in Budapest. Well, I had noble plans for writing regularly and keeping everyone informed about life on Home Assignment. That life seems to be pretty hectic for writing a blog.
I was back in the US for about 7 weeks without Kristi. That was too long. If you have the option choose 'no.' I tried to take as many pictures as I could to kind of document my travels and all the people we were with. I put about 130 of them up. If you get our e-update you have the link. If not, write me to ask for it.
Once the rest of the family joined Matt and me in the US, I thought we'd have some good time together. We did, but not as much as I imagined. And the pace kept picking up and pretty soon we were packing up to return home to Budapest. How many times have I don't HA and that was still a surprise for me.
Once we returned to Budapest, Kristi started in teaching first grade at ICSB. It's taking a while to figure out the changes this brings to our family, but it's a good thing. My job changed, too. More details on that in the e-update, but I'm moving more toward coaching and church based leadership development rather than managing. I feel a lot better now and I think there are some other people who are happy about it as well.
Well, the pictures took most of the day, so I'm wrapping up and heading out for Tim's soccer game. Later.
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