Thursday, February 14, 2008

Church Based Training in Czech?

This morning I had a meeting with Jan Vales and Ritch Trca. Jan is the director of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague and Ritch is a ReachGlobal co-worker who teaches at the school. We talked about how they could use the material from the Center for Church Based Training in the school. They have been trying to bring more of a mentoring emphasis to the programs at the school and they are looking for ways they can better serve the churches of the Cirkev bratrska (Brethren Evangelical Free Church in the Czech Republic). We agreed that the principles under the CCBT materials will further their mentoring and nicely serve churches of all sizes in the CB. That was exciting for me. I was the one who asked for the meeting, but as soon as things got going, I felt like a spectator. Jan and Ritch are two godly men who have been positioned at just this time to serve the Church in the Czech Republic and I saw that today as I sat there watching these two get excited about the possibilities. Pray for them as they work to realize Col 1:28-29 striving according to His power which works within them. Pray for me, too, as I try to give them any help that I can.
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