Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Gang's All Here

Today we started meetings for the Europe Directional Service Group. The EDSG is all the Area Leaders, plus a few other people who serve the missionaries in Europe through coaching, communications, finances and even district superintendents from the US. The first day is generally 'getting caught up' with one another, so everyone is giving informal reports on what has been happening. Tomorrow we'll be laying out plans for the coming year around the six most important issues we are facing in Europe. That is where we really see a team spread out all over the US and Europe come together, bringing what God has given them to bear on some key issues. He didn't make us all the same or give us all the same role, but He did bring us together to serve the ministry in Europe in a mosaic of all our strengths.

The entertainment for the evening was a video scavenger hunt. No one can sleep because we won't know which team won until tomorrow morning. Thanks to Robyn and John for setting it up and helping us to terrorize many innocent tourists around Prague.
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