Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meeting with the KEGy Elders

Brad Mullet picked me up this morning at 6AM because I needed a ride to the meeting. The KEGy elders meet every other Thursday morning from 06:30 to 09:00. (KEGy is the Hungarian church we attend in Budapest.) The elders asked me to help them with their aims of improving leadership development in the church and further developing the small groups at KEGy. They want KEGy to be a church of small groups, not just one with small groups and constantly developing new leaders is important to that. Thanks go to Tom Sponsler for the work that he had already done with this group of men. He helped them get started in the right direction. My contribution will mostly be in facilitating discussion and training them in some leadership development materials. The elders have already identified 12 men as the next generation of leaders for KEGy. After I train them in the materials, the elders will use them to train these men. Pray for me as I help. Pray for Brad because his Thursdays are 11 hours of meetings.
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