Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One Spring Break is about over and another one begins...

Matt came back from Wheaton for spring break. It was great to have him around for a while. Nate & John loved it too. Tim was here for part of the time, but he took off to Berlin for his spring break. Bethany and Katie have been around here with Matt and all their plethora of friends. That was cool. Matt went back yesterday (two days late, but several hundred dollars cheaper) and Tim comes back tomorrow. The next time I see Matt will probably be when I take Tim to Wheaton this fall. He found out that he was accepted on Monday. Hooah! He also won a four year ROTC scholarship! We are proud and excited for him. Kristi has had her spring break this week, too. That means she has been around the house more, but she is still working hard at teaching first grade. I think those must be some of the best taught kids in the world because, 1) she's an awesome woman, and 2) she is working pretty hard to make their first year of school a success. Gosh I have a great wife! Thank you Jesus.
Oh yeah, Nate and John start their spring break next week after Easter.

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