Thursday, May 22, 2008


This started off as a little soccer injury. I was blocking some shots on goal in Albania, much like Manchester United's goalie. It felt like I strained something in my right arm. (The left one had the ball mark on it like the hood ornament from a Mercedes.) Sunday, we were playing baseball in the backyard when I decided that a limb was encroaching on the field of play. I ran into the shed for the tree saw to remove the offensive branch. I handed the saw to Tim as I started up the tree, saying 'Hand this to me when I get up there.' He gave me a look as I started up the tree and said, 'Don't you want me to do that?' Sensing his challenge to my abilities in tree climbing I replied, 'What are you saying?' He very respectfully hum-hawed around for a minute and then voiced his concern for my safety. I saw this as the smokescreen it was and in an effort to dispel any doubts as to my cat-like abilities in a tree I said something like, 'Watch this.' I immediately slipped and caught myself with my right arm. The pain was fairly intense. I then asked Tim to hustle into the shed for the ladder so I could get down from the stupid tree. He then got me down and climbed up to remove the branch. A visit to a physical therapist a couple of days later earned me a smile and the diagnosis that there is a slight tear in there. Now the bruising is beginning in earnest. My elbow is bruised too.
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Matt H said...

lol. "Don't you want me to do that?"

i miss you guys! can't wait to see you in August.

RDS said...

Thanks for the cool picture of the bruise. did you climb trees as a kid, was this a flashback? Good to hear from you. We now have you linked to our church web site ( ministries. Thanks for blogging and keeping us here in central Michigan updated on the world in Hungary. Hope you have a great week. Happy Anniversary to you and Kristi next week. (21 I believe) God bless you and your family.
Doug Schlappi