Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Graduation Week

This week consists of graduation parties. I'm doing some work each morning as well, but the main thing on everyone's mind seems to be graduation, transition, change.
Tim and Jonathan went to Malta for their senior trip. The house was different with them gone for a week. Bethany and Katie have been taking finals and emptying lockers. Nate & John still have a week or so before they are out. Kristi is wrapping up her first year teaching first grade. The past couple of weeks have been emotionally draining. Rick and Donna Burke moved back to the US. No change in Rick's job, just his location. He's been my boss for about 10 years. I can't imagine it any different. It sure feels different with him not living here. The awards banquet was more than I expected. More encouraging, more emotion, more admiration for who God made these young men and women to be.
Mom and Dad arrived about 5 minutes before Tim and Jonathan got back from Malta. Cherry cobbler, pulled pork barbeque, wiffle ball. It's nice to have them here.
Every night is a different graduation party. Ours is Thursday. The ReachGlobal graduates are having one together. It'll be good.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the proud parents and young men. May God's grace continue to be at work each of you as the transitions and God at work in you continues. John (for us both).