Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Caught Up

I had about three half written but not published blogs that covered the events since the last post. Here is a condensed version:
Tim, Jonathan Edwards, and Maggie Humphry had a 'ReachGlobal' graduation party together. Patti Humphry, Debbie Edwards and Kristi did a great job with putting it together at our office. We had a lot of help and quite a few guests. It was a great event celebrating the passage of these three from high school to whatever lies beyond for them. For Tim, that is Wheaton College, Army ROTC and Applied Health Sciences. My parents were here for graduation. That meant that we ate really well, several cherry cobblers and some some good barbecue.
After graduation, Dad, Tim, Jonathan, Mike (Jon's dad), and I went to Normandy. We visited Pegasus Bridge, Omaha & Utah beaches, and spots like Brécourt Manor. We had a great time visiting these WWII sites. The cemetary at Omaha Beach was particularly touching for all of us. After Normandy, we spent a couple of days in Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon's Tomb (well, we missed that one but we got the military museum beside it) were all pretty cool.
One of the last requirements for Tim's ROTC scholarship was completeing a physical exam. The first time we made the ten hour drive in March was cool, but a few items were left undone. That meant another quick trip back to the military hospital there. I think that Tim enjoyed the part of the ride where he got to drive on the autobahn with no speed limits.
Mom & Dad left for home with Bethany in tow. She spent a few days in Ohio with them before she headed off to Mexico City for a summer project (MK2MK) where missionary kids from around the world gather to do outreach. She's there until August when she will fly to Denver to see Kristi's family (Tutu, Gma Pat, Aunt Marsha and Bev). Matt is there in Denver now working two jobs for the summer.
St. Louis
I made a trip back to the EFCA National Conference at the end of June. We did a presentation of the ministry in 'Post Post-Modern Europe.' I didn't actually attend any of the meetings at the conference, but spent the entire time I was meeting with people interested in or involved in ministry in Europe. It was a tiring, rewarding week. I also got to spend some good time with Rick my boss and a few of the other Area Leaders from Europe.
After returning from St. Louis Tim flew back to the US. He's in Ohio right now before he heads to a Third Culture Kid ReEntry in Colorado Springs. We made a trip up to southern Poland to check out a conference site for next year. Kristi and the kids really enjoyed the time and we got a lot of questions answered for the planning.

That gets you about caught up with with my travels.

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