Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aging continued

I didn't realize that there would be a follow up to the 'Aging' post. It's really quite simple, when you fall from a tree, there is a good chance you will tear your distal biceps tendon. I really didn't know that I had a distal biceps tendon, but I was pretty sure that something was wrong with my arm. I ended up going to the doctor to complain about my shoulder. The first doctor thought that I might have ruptured my rotator cuff. The specialist he sent me to pointed out immediately that my shoulder was bothering me because it was making up for what my elbow couldn't do anymore. Anyhow, I could post a cool picture of this 'hole' where my bicep should connect to my elbow, but instead of taking time for that, I'm taking a plane back to the US to meet up with a specialist to get this thing fixed. The problem is that the longer you wait before you repair the torn tendon, the less chance of a successful operation. I'm already about seven weeks past the injury, so we'll see what the doctor says when I see him this week. Thanks to Tutu for paying for the plane ticket to get me to the meeting with the specialist. Thanks to Dr. Graber for setting it all up. Thanks to God for taking care of me and my family.

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