Friday, July 18, 2008

Ever been in an MRI?

I slept like elven hours last night. I think I was either really tired or really relieved. The orthopedic surgeon told me some good things on Wednesday. Instead of a night in the hospital, a bit scar and 6 weeks in a hard cast, he mentioned 90 minutes, two small cuts, and a splint for about 4 weeks. That was interesting.

Today, I had an MRI on my right shoulder and elbow. I don't think they really make those things in my size. It was kind of like being told to go into a small hole, think about the part of you that hurts the most and don't move it for 30 minutes. I did that twice. They did play music in my ears that I couldn't really tap my foot to. Friday I find out what the doctor has to say about what will happen when. Pray for me?

1 comment:

Matt H. said...

dang, you got music? they aren't that nice in Illinois.

give me a call after you find out what going on tomorrow.