Friday, July 18, 2008

Uhhmmm, what?

Well, those MRIs make some pretty pictures. From what the guy reading the MRI could tell (and the doctor agreed), it looks like I didn't tear my tendon from the bone. That's the most common way of doing it. The doctor ordered another MRI of my biceps to see what I did exactly. He said that I could have torn the tendon loose from the muscle, which he's never seen, or it could just be a partial tear. One interesting fact was that I had a pretty good dislocation of my right shoulder. My elbow hurt so much that I must not have noticed it while Tim was getting the ladder to get me down from the tree. Doc said that if I was under 40 there was a possibility that they would operate on the shoulder, but I get a bonus for being over 40, so no operation there.
We'll know more after I get this MRI and after I meet with the shoulder guy on Tuesday, but in the end there is a good possibility that I won't have any operation. =) Just a lot of physical therapy. Patti? You busy this fall?

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