Thursday, October 09, 2008


When you stand at the beginning of nearly two weeks of meetings, sometimes it's hard to see how this can be a good thing. Living at a hotel the whole time, spending long hours in rooms with people discussing important ideas, issues, wrestling with problems, none of these will carry you over the two weeks well. These meetings began with our international leader over Europe and all the area leaders from around the continent. In the first week we have gained clarity on vital issues, made important decisions, and seen progress in key areas. However, the one thing that has revitalized me and made our time together most valuable is the moments we have spent over the Word and in prayer. Those instances have changed the complexion of all the rest of the time we have spent together. You can see God working among us. Today the city team leaders from across Europe arrived. We set the tone with a good word from out leader on being unhindered in our display of the Kingdom of God in our lives. Tomorrow we will spend the day in prayer and fasting together. If you think about us, please hold us up in prayer.

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