Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Meetings follow up

Wow, it seems like last week got away from me and ran right into this week. The leadership meetings for Europe were pretty good. I think we had some good discussions about important issues, spent time fasting and praying together and did some prayer walking together in an area where we are trying to plant a church near our office.
It was also a great opportunity to spend time with some good friends (the other Area Leaders).
We finished up Friday and Monday I set off on another adventure. Right now, I'm at this little town up in the foothills west of Budapest called Szepalma. There's a couple of feet of snow out there, so I hope I can get back home Thursday night when it's time for me to leave. I'm here with some pastors from the US, Czech Republic, and Hungary for an event we call Joshua Team. We meet about twice a year to come away together for a little respite, study important aspects of leading the local church, and encourage one another in our Father.
Today we spent the morning talking about keeping a focus on the vision God gives us for our church. Then I went for a walk in the snowy woods with Mate, the pastor of the church I attend in Budapest. We ended up in the sauna and jacuzzi before the meetings where we talked about how we respond to personal conflict. The food is great, the conversation is deep, and I believe the impact will be lasting.

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emily said...

Prayer walks are cool.