Monday, March 16, 2009

Spending your life for the Good News

As 2009 has been moving along, we find ourselves in March. Wow, is 25% of this year already spent? Am I spending it well? That's a good question to keep asking each week as I look at what God is laying before me. Am I spending myself for Him and the Gospel this week? this year? Yesterday, I preached at KEGy, our church (Mark 8:34-9:1) and that was one of the questions that came out of the text: Am I spending myself for Jesus and the Good News about Him?

I've been asking myself that question over the past few weeks as I've been involved in meetings with mission leaders and pastors in Europe. Last week, I was able to take part in 'a dialogue on leadership - Developing Christian Leaders' in Naples, Italy. I'm pretty sure that was spending myself for the Gospel.

While the last few weeks have been full of activity for our family with basketball games and school events, the next few weeks look even more busy. I leave for Albania with Mate Gyori, the pastor at KEGy, for a week to meet with pastors and church leaders from the US and Albania. My hope is that the relationships God has already begun will be further developed for the spread of the Gospel in that region. The day after I return from Albania I head to Bangkok, Thailand for meetings with the ReachGlobal leadership. We will be discussing important issues facing us as we press forward in multiplying healthy churches among all people.

I return from my travels only to allow Kristi to begin hers. The day after I return, Kristi and Bethany leave for two weeks of college visits in the US. They will be able to see some family and friends as well along the way, but the main focus is visiting four prospective colleges in three widely separated states. My mother will be coming over to Europe for those two weeks, so we won't be eating out of an iron skillet the whole time.
When Kristi returns, I'll be off one more time in April for a retreat with the rest of the Europe leadership team.

Please pray for us as we're moving through this particularly busy month, trying to spend ourselves for our Father and His Good News.

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