Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last Sunday I flew to Albania with Mate Gyori. Mate is the pastor at KEGy and president of the Free Church of Hungary. We went there for the conference put on each year by the Free Churches of Albania with Grace Bible EFC from California and Grace Fellowship EFC from Kentucky.
The time together was profitable for all as we discussed the roles in the church and how the local church is biblically structured. Mate enjoyed seeing partnerships from a different perspective and was able to give some input to the Albanian churches from his perspective. He also got some ideas for how the church in Hungary might partner with the Albanian church to do missions together.
I'm writing this from Bangkok. I was home for 19 hours so I could see the family briefly and do laundry. I'm here for meetings for the leadership of our mission. Please pray for us as we discuss important issues this week. We are spending the first day, Sunday, March 29 in fasting and prayer.

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