Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day of Prayer

We had a day of fasting and prayer together to begin our meetings in Bangkok. I really appreciate that we do begin our meetings this way. It forces us to put ourselves aside and focus on our Father and what He has for us this week. We can easily blow into town all full of whatever we have been doing, not significantly engage with each other, do some business (in our own wisdom) and be on our merry way. A day where we pray together, pray for each other, asking our Father to intercede in the significant things in our lives is key to ministering together for Him.

We broke our fast and walked around a bit tonight. I'm amazed at the smells here. Of all the places and things that I've eaten, Bangkok seems to mystify me the most. I generally don't have too much trouble ordering randomly and eating whatever comes. Not a good practice for me in Bangkok.

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