Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Symposium follow up

So, what happened at the CBT symposium? I think we all had a pretty good time talking about the role of the local church in developing her own people and raising up her own leaders.

The first night, Tuesday, we had a nice meal together, got to know each other (over 25 of us), and laid down some of the foundational ideas for our time together. Wednesday was a full day for us. We looked at the principles of church based training, the kind of people we want to develop, their context/mindset and how all that should effect the way we train them, and experienced some curriculum to see how it could fit the principles and context we had discussed. That afternoon, I interviewed Mate Gyori, the pastor at KEGy, on our progress in beginning church based training. We talked about the success we have seen so far and some of the problems we are facing. Then, we gave everyone some time to dream about what it might look like in there situation. Finally that day, we looked at potential obstacles in implementing church based training to develop the people in our churches. Friday, the final morning together, we were shooting for a ‘practical’ finish. I gave everyone a ‘checklist for implementation' to work through after they returned home. We then took a case study and sought to apply the 6-Step Wisdom Process.

Several local churches were represented at the symposium. There was good discussion about how the principles of church based training might be applied in their ministry contexts. We also spent time working on the '6-Step Wisdom Process' to see how the tool helps us apply the Word of God to issues we face in the church and in our lives today.

These folks got so fired up as they began to understand the concepts and think about how to make it a reality in their churches back home. As I read through the evaluations, I'm in awe of how God brought this together. Wow.

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