Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Symposium start up

Well, today is the day. I feel some of that anxiety today, but it seems like things have really come together nicely. Robyn Smith was a great help in putting together the materials, especially when the software decided to rebel. Her editing and compiling skills are unmatched. Norm Smith (not related to Robyn except through working in the same office) has been the logistics guy and has once again proven himself to be more than competent. I also enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with him last night (yeah, it was a rerun). Stewart Humphry has the gift of helps and uses it to the max. He is making things happen the right way at the right time like no one I know,...other than him.
So I'm trying to make sure I'm well prepared to facilitate. Do I have all the little details and announcements? Will we set a good tone and have some healthy interaction over the ideas? Only God knows and I'm counting heavily on Him.

The guys over at 9 Marks put out their ejournal today to distract me, but I'm going to wait until Thursday to make my comments and they will be legion.

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emily said...

How'd it go?! I was praying for you this week. Yay Symposium! That is wonderful that you did that and I'm sure God used it a lot. =)