Thursday, December 17, 2009

They said it was a Chili's...

We were in Vienna for the last middle school soccer tournament of the year. I had just returned from being gone for a week and wanted to really enjoy the time with the family as we spent the day together in the car and at the tournament. The GPS said there was a Chili's restaurant in Vienna on the way to the tournament.

The voice in my head said, 'This is wonderful! What a great way to make this a memorable day.' The sign on the restaurant said 'Chilinos', which must be Austrian for 'sucker.'

It was a memorable laugh together and the food was not as good as the price would indicate, but it was a good start to the day. We did get a little lost (which I hate) because the GPS lost the signal between the buildings, but after a few circles we found the right track.

Katie & Nate both had a good final tournament of the season and we picked up one more story for our family to remember.
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