Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had meetings in Levice, Slovakia; Lodz & Szczecin, Poland; and Frankfurt, Germany and this was going to take a week of my life. I had promised myself 'no more night trains,' but this was going to require one on the first night. Not the way I like to start off a week. Did I really want to do this? Yes! Each of these meetings was very important. I had to buy the tickets twice, since the first set was stolen with my computer and GPS two days before my trip. (Can you cancel this ticket for bed 25 on the night train to Warsaw and issue another? That's a copy of the ticket. Yes, the original was stolen. Then you should go to the police. Will they give me my money back or issue me a new ticket? No, and we won't either. Two hours gone. When will they start issuing electronic tickets for the train? Now I'm in bed 47.) It is less stressful traveling without a computer on a night train ;-).

First meeting in Levice was good. I am glad I'm on this trip even though the night train is coming up next. God has me right here for this kind of stuff. I can be rested by sleeping 6 hours in 20 minute spurts.

Wait, my train is late. An hour late. I'm going to miss the night train in Bratislava. Am I happy or sad? The lady at the train station in Levice can't do anything for me in any language with or without translation assistance from the crowd. This isn't how I was imagining this trip going. So, I'm on the train to Bratislava, the are there other trains from Bratislava to Warsaw tonight? Eight changes and 13 hours? Hmm, I wonder how comfortable the train station is in Bratislava. Finally, I get to Bratislava. I wonder around the station till I find the ticket counter. Standing in line, wondering if it is worth it to get a hotel for the night and get the train in the morning. Finally, I get to the window. (Always begin any sentence to anyone who sits behind a little window in Europe with this: I'm sorry...) 'I'm sorry, but I missed my connection and I'll need another ticket for the next train to Warsaw.' (as I show her the ticket) Her eyes: concern as she reads the ticket, then puzzlement, then happy? 'You didn't miss your train, it's right there! Hurry!' What? My first train wasn't the only train late that night. The night train with 20 minute chunks of sleep is much better than the train station.

Getting off in Warsaw, slightly rested. Wait, it looks like bed 25 was slept in...
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emily said...

Aahh, this made me laugh a lot. Sorry for all the travel stress and glad it all worked out!

Hey in like NINE DAYS I will be at your house. !!!! I vote that is awesome :-)