Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leadership Meetings & My Role

January is the beginning of travel season for me. January 21 marked the beginning of 8 days of meetings with the Europe Leadership Team. It was an encouraging time. There has been a lot of transition since Rick Burke left as International Leader for Europe. We spent some time working on organizing ourselves so that we are covering all the important areas.

I was affirmed in my role of 'partnership strategist' or something like that. Basically, I work where we don't have RG staff to mobilize movements. What does that mean? I do a lot of meeting people to figure out who might be like-minded partners. I talk a lot about the RG Sandbox (an illustration which describes how we operate). I try to connect people who I think might help each other. I ask questions to help people think about their strategy and come up with good ideas. I encourage/teach principles of church-based leadership development.

Next post will be explaining a bit about how all that happened on my trip to Albania. First, I've got to shave Nate & John's heads for Crazy Hair Day at school.

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