Monday, April 05, 2010


I love my Moleskine journal and my Moleskine calendar. My problem is that when I had my last computer stolen, they got my journal and calendar. The journal wasn't too difficult to replace, but the calendar wasn't available in Budapest. I got a 'replacement,' but it just hasn't 'clicked' with me. Here are the two I'm trying to decide between:

12 months - Weekly Notebook - Black soft cover - Large12 months - Weekly Planner Horizontal - Black hard cover - Large
Any opinions?

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Robyn Smith said...

You know I've been a fan of the first one, and you take teeny-tiny notes, so that works for you. But the second one has the extra address book in the pocket and note pages...could be a good option. Tough call, dude. I support you either way.

Moleskine for life.