Friday, May 07, 2010

The Culmination

Well, we're not quite there, but this is the last weekend for me in the US for a while. It certainly feels like LeadTeam and Mt. Hermon were a million years ago.


All the people, the places, the little incidents along the way. I loved living it all, but this weekend is the big event. Matt is graduating from Wheaton College.

matt on a train

Yeah, it only seems like yesterday that he was with us in Budapest. Then we sent him to Wheaton, he broke both his wrists his first Christmas home, then he is graduating. I’m sure there’s more in there but it’s kind of a blur.

As I’ve been thinking about this, I want to make sure I live this weekend well. Sure, there are still a couple more things to buy, bags to pack before Tuesday and I’m anxious to get back home. However, Dad & Mom are driving in, Madi (my niece) is arriving today, Tim is doing color guard for every event beginning tomorrow (Sat). All these people are  here and I want to enjoy each one, celebrate Matt, and soak in God’s faithfulness.

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emily said...

yay for Matt!

love the pic...