Sunday, May 09, 2010



Yesterday we got to attend a ceremony for the people receiving the Urban Studies certificate. I don’t know if you can see on the picture, but Matt was asked to share some reflections on he experience in the program. He did a great job (the other two did as well, but this one is my son).

We had a fun day hanging out together with Matt, Madi, Mom (Happy Mothers’ Day!) and Dad. Tim joined us later because he was presenting the colors for the grad school commencement.

100_8305 100_8306 100_8298

Today we head to worship with Matt & Tim at their church, then a brunch at the school and the big event this afternoon.

Wow, I’m a proud Dad on Mothers’ Day.



I’m amending this post with a few more picture from the actual graduation ceremony.

100_8335 100_0648 100_0630 (2)

100_8345 (2) 100_0662


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