Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back Home…for a bit

These three pieces of luggage held most of me for the past 53 days. I cheated a bit with odds & ends scattered around the car, but generally it was all in there.

100_8371Tim was laughing when I was up at 2AM the night before I was flying back to Budapest with stuff spread around the living room, trying unsuccessfully to make 65lbs fit in 50lbs of space. Well, actually 54lbs, the lady at the counter was very nice to me when she saw the stricken look on my face. When I unloaded everything back at the house I decided that I have too much stuff. I’ll be purging a bit more over the next 28 days. Yeah, that’s how long until the next trip. This one is with the family to the US for the summer. Way better. =)

I’m spending today reflecting on what happened over the past two months, the people, places, conversations, and thoughts that ran through my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to process everything well over the next couple of days. I’m also working on being intentional about the coming 28 days. What are the most important items on my agenda? Reintegrating into the family, tasks at the house/cars, people to reconnect with, items to follow up with from this trip, and plans for the coming months.

So far, my cogitation has given me one nugget. I lost about 25lbs over this trip (I wish the airline had credited me that in luggage). I was reading 1 Chronicles 11-12 about King David’s might men (esp. Benaiah in vv. 22-25).  David’s men had skill and devotion. They ordered their lives to serve him well in their capacities. Losing some weight is a good start for me. But what are the other changes I can make to be more focused and efficient in serving my Lord? Not exactly the thought I expected to consume me upon returning to my house, but there it is.

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Tom Becker said...

Welcome home, Todd. Hope you can catch up with family and other things.